Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stop, drop, and be nice!!!!

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Ned Flanders called, he wants his blog back.
Time to get nice.
This is about a book called "The light of other days" by Arthur C. Clark and Stephen Baxter.
I have read many books (as people tend to do) and this just might be the best one I've come across. Ok, I can't choose the best. I'll narrow it down to five later.

In any case, this particular one deals with being of a single mind, literally. Call me a hippie or even a communist, but that sounds like a good idea.
In the story, "wormholes" are discovered.

It starts simple, like the telephone, one voice being heard through a medium that at the time seemed impossible, and grew into a technology that revolutionized the way people live. Sound familiar? Basically, a way to develope "rips" in space and time was developed, and it progressed, over years, into the death of privacy. Any person could view any location, any person, at any date, undetected. Historical mysteries were solved. Unsolved crimes were solved. No one in all of history was safe from the unblinking eyes of everyone else.

Naturally people adapted to this and started behaving as if there was no one watching. Crimes of all kind stopped. People had sex on park benches in the middle of the day with people everywhere. I'd say "sound familiar" again, but then I'd have to punch myself in the face.

In the beginning, this happen via computers. In the later stages of it, people were having it implanted in their eyes, so that whatever one sees, everyone sees. Everyone sees everything, everyone knows what everyone else knows, people are able to act immediately if a threat is detected by even one, like a flock of birds. (There is a part in the book where they do just that)

I guess I am saying that I hope evolution takes this kind of turn. I've heard that humans are exponentially evolving, and that we'll begin to see drastic changes in our lifetime, and I hope this is the case. It's already a very different world than it was ten years ago.

5 favorite books, in no order:
dune by frank herbert
the stand by stephen king
invisible monsters by chuck palahniuk
the gods themselves by isaac asimov
the light of other days by arthur c. clark and stephen baxter
I'll end this silly piece of echh with one word:


The BEEZE said...

Communist son of a b!tch!!! LOL!!!

The BEEZE said...

I'll have to check this book out...

Jurk said...

absolutely you should read it. everyone should.

The BEEZE said...

I would like to read it just to shoot the idea down...What happens to orinality if everyone sees the same shit?

Jurk said...

there is no need for originality... it is a concept that would become irrelevant. as would a lot of things we cherish. hit up half price, or the li-berrry, dummy.... then we can talk.

The BEEZE said...