Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stupid things that make me crazy because they're stupid.

1-Having someone pull out right in front of me while driving... when there is not a car in sight behind mine.
empty road Pictures, Images and Photos
Really? .....REAL-LY????
If you engage in this sort of numbskullery, kindly drive off a cliff into a pool of
hot diarrhea.

2-"Sexy" 80's saxophone
saxophone Pictures, Images and Photos
Often heard when some "babe" and some "hunk" are about to "make love" with half of their clothes on in some stupid-ass movie. YECCHH.

3-Ellen Degeneres.
Ellen!! Pictures, Images and Photos
Isn't she just the zaniest? Everyone put on your laughing hats!! I can only imagine what she's "prying open" while mugging for the camera like that. Portia Di Rossi's asscheeks, perhaps? Yes?

4-An awkward comment about the weather after minutes of blissful silence.
snowing Pictures, Images and Photos
awkward Pictures, Images and Photos
Why yes, it is indeed cold out here. It is also warm in places where the weather is currently warm. One can only assume that where it is raining, there is water on the ground. Go screw, weirdo.

5-The "their, there, they're" sort of spelling mistakes.
Wes Was Hear Pictures, Images and Photos
This probably drives everyone crazy, except for people like Wes hear.
I mean here... sorry.

6-Food products that make it seem like they're talkin' to ya! Just ya!
Lays Pictures, Images and Photos
Ya know, whether you're gettin' ready for a walk in the ol' great outdoors, packin' for your hike, or findin' that perfect spot to bury yer dead hooker, Lay's brand potato chips gives ya that extra deeee-lish burst of energy, all the while takin' your mind off all that draggin' and diggin'! Lay's brand potato chips- takin' care of you while you take care of yours!

7-Country music.
hillbilly Pictures, Images and Photos
Ok, we get it, you're proud of being ignorant, ugly and probably retarded.
Got it.
I wish country would crawl back underneath the rotted log it came from.

8-Excessive perfume/cologne.
i think you stink Pictures, Images and Photos
What are you covering up? I mean that both physically and emotionally.
You stink, and I don't like you.

9-Post Beatles Paul McCartney.
Paul McCartney Pictures, Images and Photos
John Lennon was gunned down by a fat loser, George Harrison died of brain cancer, yet this dummy is still around. WHY??

10-Intelligence-insulting media.
Nickelback Pictures, Images and Photos
Movie: Big mommas house 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
js Pictures, Images and Photos
Just the tip.

11-These people.
jew Pictures, Images and Photos
Just kidding!