Monday, May 11, 2009

the w-bomb

wigger Pictures, Images and PhotosHow about wiggers? Dudes (or chicks, occasionally) that happen to be white, but also happen to emulate black people? The music, the culture, the background, the day-to-day life of American black people, so we're told? Really? Let's start with the music.

There is rap... and some of it is good. Like, really good. Then there's the bad stuff.. and it's really bad. No need to give examples, because it's so god-awful in every way that you have to know what I'm talking about. The "I got mad money for no reason" shit.

Here's where the fudging of the facts start. The "music" is where it starts, I think.

There is the "thug life". Selling drugs, killing people, acting like an animal because you have to to survive. It happens. I get it.

There is the image. Huge shirts, sagging jeans, never smiling in pictures, doing things with your hands that may/may not be gang signs.. do they still make gangs? Anyways..

Then there's the speech. Multiple southern dialects smacked into one, embraced, unfortunately, by many.

That said, I would like to say my wish is not to offend anyone. Unless you find offensive funny, then that is my intention. Take your pick! This is not a blanket of hate on black people. This is a blanket of hate on the ignorance that certain people choose to embrace.

You are in control of your life, you can make your choices as you see fit, regardless of things like your upbringing, the friends you had, people that pissed you off, any hard times you may have come across. You are in control, and you don't have to act like a piece of shit.

And I say piece of shit meaning anyone who has not been through much other than having shheads for parents. If you're "all growed up" with an alcoholic dad, deal with it. If your mom brought boyfriends home, grow a pair. There's no need to blame your parents for the way you are. It's called making choices about who you'd like to be. Not acting like a fucking shithead that expects things handed to you.

Ok. That said- if you're a wigger, I fucking hate your guts. Way to fail at life. You took what was given to you FAILED. Have fun smoking blunts, fucking fat chicks, sucking at life, sucking at easy jobs, and bringing more of YOU, an ignorant, hand-out wanting, lazy sack of worthless, yet neverending supply of garbage like you. Keep fucking. Keep making more cabbages. There are dishes to wash.


The BEEZE said...


I couldn't agree more!

Bambi said...

Amen to that! I dont know where the hell you found this picture, but that is hilarious. I think i'll make it my desktop for a month, just to have a good laugh now and then. I've enjoyed your blog, Tramp Stamp- NICE. :)